Exhibition at Paris

『愛  ーUn bouquet d’amourー』

●27.Oct-1.Nov.2020 11:00−19:00

●Opening Ceremony 26.Oct 17:00Start

●at Galerie – Espace”Le marais”

Two Japanese jewelry designers are holding an exhibition at the gallery “Le marais”.

The theme is “LOVE”.

The two designers have their own characteristics. But they have a common thing, that is “LOVE” in deeper unraveling each jewel’s stories. In this exhibition, the two brands are mixing and expressing LOVE that couldn’t come true without another brand.

We are holding a lottery present campaign!! Look forward to that!

●Yoshihito Yamamoto  Leone Cuore Designer

This brand is an innovative design having both textures of a mirror and matte ーlike light and shade or yin and yang. We hope jewels would be shining you more as a protagonist of your own life, for a part of your lifestyle.

●Keiko Nishino    GRACE PEARLS Designer

Akoya pearls jewelry brand.  A simple design that utilizes mysterious pearls created by creatures such as twin pearls and baroque that are miraculously connected.